Refacing vs Replacing

So you are thinking about re-facing your kitchen cabinets...

Re-facing your existing cabinets is a very cost effective way to give your tired worn out kitchen or bathroom a facelift.

As long as you are happy with the overall layout of your kitchen and the existing boxes are in good condition re-facing is a great alternative to doing a full kitchen or bathroom re-model.

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You can transform your kitchen or bathroom from the existing finish into something completely new and different. For example you may have white melamine doors with the oak pulls and wish you could change into a wood door but don't know how to make the transformation. We have a Peel & Stick product that comes in a wide variety of colors and materials that match all of our custom made Doors, whether you choose a Thermofoil Door or go with a Wood Door.
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If you are a contractor interested in selling or installing our products please call or email us and give us a brief run down of your company.


What is Peel and Stick?

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I am doing a renovation with the intention of selling, what is my least expensive option to re-face?

The least expensive option for re-facing is a Raised Panel Thermofoil Door in a solid color such as white or antique white.

Is it worth the expense to up-grade my existing face frame hinge (visible when the door is closed) to the European style hinge (hidden when the door is closed)?

In our opinion yes, it will help to modernize the overall look of the kitchen which will appeal to a broader buyers market as well the conversion hinge is by far easier to install than trying to re-use face frame hinges and their holes.

What can I expect the end cost to be to re-face?

Based on an average size kitchen of 100 square feet of doors, including new hinges, knobs or handles as well as Crown Molding and peel & stick you can expect to pay anywhere from $2500 for White Thermofoil Doors to $5000.00 for a Cherry with a Clear Lacquer finish (these prices are based on you doing the install yourself). These numbers are only meant to give you a ball park figure and are subject to the choices you make and can go up or down accordingly.

Can I the homeowner install Peel & Stick?

Yes, as long as you are a bit handy you can install your own Peel & Stick. Just remember to cut your pieces using a sharp utility knife and apply it to a clean and debris free surface (anything that is on the cabinet will show through after the Peel & Stick is applied). And of course measure twice and cut once :)

Do you install?

Yes we do install.

Do you build cabinets?

No we are strictly a cabinet door manufacturing company; however we do work closely with many cabinet makers so if you need a small cabinet or island that you would like to install yourself we can provide it for you.

What if I don't want to do the work myself...

At Central Valley Cabinet Doors we work closely with a number or really great sub-trades in the Abbotsford and Fraser Valley area that would be more than happy to come to your house and do a quote up for the entire project.

If you would like to add or modify your existing layout without replacing the whole kitchen you can call Al at Select Renovations. Al has been building cabinets and re-facing in the Fraser Valley for over 35 Years.

Maybe you are happy with the layout but would like to have your countertops or bathtub resurfaced along with your kitchen reface? Brad at Almega Resurfacing & Redesign Solutions can help with a total transformation of your kitchen and bathroom. Brad started his company in 2005 (then named The Counterguy) specializing in countertop resurfacing but soon saw a growing demand to offer a wider range of services. Soon he branched out into offering a total kitchen and bathroom refacing service.

So you have investigated the whole refacing route and you are still not convinced you do not need a whole new kitchen but the handy person in you would like to have a more hands on approach to the whole renovation. Dave at J&D Millwork custom cabinet shop has been in the cabinet industry for over 20 years. In 2002 Dave started J&D Millwork, then in 2005 expanded his business when he purchased a C&C Machine and is now able to offer a cut-build-tape program for the do-it yourself homeowner. So in short you are able to have a brand new kitchen installed for far less than if you had J&D Millwork or any other custom cabinet shop build it and install it.

Measuring for your doors

If you have European Hinges already simply measure your existing doors and drawer fronts, pick a style of door you would like and we can give you a quote. Please include in the request whether or not you would like to re-face your boxes and whether you will require knobs or handles.

If you have Face Frame Hinges and wish to upgrade to the European Hinge please follow the instructions below.

Two Doors in one Cabinet

First you need to measure for the overlay that you will need. The easiest way to do this is to take a tape measure to the inside of the face frame to the outside of the door when the door is closed. Our standard Face Frame Hinge Overlay is 3/4" or 5/8", we also carry 1". 1 3/8" and 1 1/4" overlay. (Please see the drawing)

On the cabinets that have double doors in them measure your inside cabinet width (in the example it is 21"). We will use the 3/4" Overlay Hinge in this example. So add the overlay two times (for 2 doors). Minus 1/8" for the minimum gap you need between the two doors and then divide by 2.

21 + 3/4" + 3/4" - 1/8" / 2 = 2 doors at 11 3/16"

Keep in mind that if you have two hinged doors sharing the same face frame allow a minimum of 1/2" gap between the doors.

For the Height you can either leave it the same as your existing doors or add up to 1" where there is enough allowance. What you are trying to do by adding extra to the height is close up the gap between the top of your door and the drawer front or countertop edge, but be careful not to add too much and have your doors bind.

One Door in a Cabinet

If you have a single door opening then measure your inside cabinet width and add the overlay two times. So again if we are using the 3/4" overlay as an example:
21 + 3/4" + 3/4" = 1 doors at 22 ½"

Follow the same rule as above for the height.

Drawer Fronts

Measure your existing drawer fronts.

Lazy Susan Doors

Visualize your existing Lazy Susan doors, they will be corner doors hinged together (usually with a Piano Hinge) to open as one. Measure each of the cabinet openings as the door would sit closed (meaning an L-Shape). See Diagram

Exposed Ends, Gables or Bar Backs

There are a couple of different options for the ends of your cabinets. You can either re-skin it in a matching Peel & Stick product or you can create a plant on gable (which is essentially an oversized door that gets "planted on" to the exposed end. Simply measure your exposed end, but keep in mind that if the exposed end butts up against a wall leave enough of a gap to account for your walls not being 100% square (usually 1/8" gap is sufficient).